Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Few Answers & Some Other Housekeeping

In the Monday photo, several of you asked about the chime. Here are the answers:

1. No, I didn't make it, darn it.

2. The purple fairy was purchased separately at Tuesday Morning, off the clearance shelf. I moved it there from some other location when we were painting, and never got around to putting it back. Now the two things seem kind of married.

3. The chime is called Tempest in a Teapot, and though I purchased mine in a store, you can buy them online, here: http://www.tempestinateapot.net/oneofakindchimes.html
As a matter of fact, looking around the site, I see two more I'd like to have.

4. I have another smaller version made by one of the artists from our NC store, Linda Callisto. I don't know how you find her these days, but she also made terrific button jewelry, and jewelry Christmas trees (Sherry got one of these from me last year). The small one from Linda C is actually "jointed," hangs in my kitchen window, but is much smaller.

And in other news...it snowed again in Cleveland today. Surprised? And since I miss posting a photo a day, here you go:


Carla said...

Thanks for the site for the chime. The doll looks like she belongs there. :)

MaryO said...

Your snow got to us today, Sue. It's beautiful, and the birds are having a great time at the feeders.
Well, I'll bet you could have made the chime if you had wanted to, and the fairy, too!
Hope you're feeling better.........