Thursday, June 25, 2009

Around the Yard

So many things bloomed and filled in while I was gone! Here are a few pix from around the yard...other photos of the visit to follow after I do some retrieving and editing.

New variegated agapantha.

One of the many geraniums in the pots on the deck.

The "big oof" feeding at the surface - wish we could get a decent pic of this huge goldfish.

Our other big guy - look at the size of this frog!

My dear Oldtimer, making his way down the lower deck - with lots of fish food.

Yellow dahlias in a deck pot.

Cute little red and yellow dahlias. Love them.

I always think that catalpa blossoms look like orchids.

The butterflies love the blooms on the privet.


joggerellablog said...

Hi Sue! Welcome back! You are certainly a floral fan and I learned something new from you today: I bought variegated liriope and thought: this doesn't seem I see I bought mismarked
variegated agapantha!
Also, is the catalpa blossom on a tree or is it also a bush or a perennial?

Jennifer Rose said...

your dahlias are gorgeous :D Everything looks really good, and that frog looks like he is massive!

Michelle Eaton said...

Your yard is so beautiful! I love it all :)

BumbleVee said...

they do...they look like fluffy orchids.... very beautiful..

Serena said...

i thought of orchids the moment i saw the pic. thanks for showing us around your yard, pics. i particularly like the one of the frog peeking out from the water.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Welcome back Sue!
Wow your yard is full of color! I love it. Makes you want to sit out there with a tall glass of ice tea and take it all in! :)

Linda Fleming said...

I am so in love with your yard! It just screams summer and so full of life.

MaryO said...

I do wish I had just a sliver of your talent for growing beautiful, beautiful flowers and plants. They're all glorious, Sue, and I'm sure they bring you much pleasure.
BTW, that frog looks monstrous! He certainly must eat well.

JudiA said...

What a glorious display! Of course all the flowers are beautiful, but I am in love with that frog photo.