Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Yellow Rose of Friendship

I returned from MA late Tuesday evening, after spending five days meeting my new baby granddaughter. She's a delight (well, what would you expect me to say, I guess...). Here I am, 36 hours later, missing that baby scent, those baby grunts and squeaks, and the feel of her in my arms. I wish we weren't so far from each of our children.

In addition to "meeting" baby Paige, I was also able to meet my daughter-in-law's extended family. On Sunday, Robyn's mother, and her "other family" arrived after an hour-and-a-half drive to spend the day, see the baby, and eat with us. I've heard much from both Robyn and Chris about her "Italian family," and how important all of them were to her as she grew up. (My children were also fortunate to have lots of honorary aunties and uncles, and one family in particular was with us often for vacations, long weekends, etc.)

Chris & I went out to pick up the food, and when we returned, the CT contingent had already arrived. We could hear the exclaiming and cooing as soon as we got out of the car! When I carried the food into the kitchen, there was a bouquet of yellow roses on the counter - for me! I got a big hug from Robyn's other mother, and was told that they were, indeed, the yellow rose of friendship.

This, of course, was just one of the many teary moments I had during this visit. Tears of joy, you understand... I was also able to have my first good visit with Robyn's real mom, and I am now delighted to report that both of my married children were fortunate to get good in-laws, a real boon to a good marriage!

The good news, as I am longing to snuggle a grandchild, is that I will get to see our darling Miss O in just a couple of weeks. I'm returning to MN for my class reunion, and staying with one daughter, the other is flying in, and we are going to have a lovely long weekend of girl time!

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