Friday, April 16, 2010

Roof Still Isn't Done...

...five days later. Gerry thought I was kidding earlier when he called home and I said "don't come home without wine." I had to go out and get my own. (See the part that's done? It does look a lot better than that stark almost-black look we had going.)

They thought they would be done yesterday, but NO. They thought they would finish by 4 PM today, but NO. They're coming on Monday to re-set the skylights and it's a good thing we have two days of no bumping or thumping overhead, or I really would be running from the house, screaming and biting my arms.

It rained today. We developed a new leak in a place that previously didn't need repairs - directly over my computer desk. And yet, despite all my complaints, they're doing a really good job, they just uncovered a LOT of crappy prior work. If I can hang on to my sanity, I know it will have been worth the trouble.


MaryO said...

LOL! Hope the wine helped! I hope Monday finally brings you complete relief from the thumping and bumping!

Serena said...

LOL....I think I would have needed a glass (or two) of wine too under the circumstances, Sue. I do hope the job will be done to perfection where you won't need to worry about leaks any more.