Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Blooms

I can't believe the lilacs have begun opening already. Just a week or so ago, there was just a hint of where the buds would be, and now look! It must have a lot to do with unusually warm temps, early. Lolo always liked to put lilacs on her mother's grave for Memorial Day. They certainly won't last around here long enough for Memorial Day.
The quince is covered in blossoms - aren't they gorgeous? They remind me of marschino cherries.
Looking up into the branches of the ornamental pear tree can be dizzying! Light fragrance, dappled sunlight, beautiful reaching branches sketched against the sky.

I love spring - the epitome of Hope.


JudiA said...

Oh, pretty! I think I have some of the red one in my yard, but I never knew what it was before. I hope everything smells as lovely as it looks, and that your spring continues to be so pleasant.

MaryO said...

My lilacs have bloomed already, too. I have a white one and couldn't resist breaking off one blossom to bring inside, but it just lasted a few hours. All your flowers are gorgeous! I was really ready for spring this year, I'm sure you were, too!

BumbleVee said...

ohhhhh love all the blossoms!! mmmmm ...if I close my eyes and pretend....I think I can smell them..... mmmmm..

we're a ways off yet with anything blooming.....