Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Colorado trip

Bekah and I went to Colorado for Michelle's high school graduation.  Most of our time was spent visiting and catching up with people, but we did get out to do a couple tourist things.

Our first evening there, we had dinner at C B & Potts; we sat out on the patio next to the golf course.  Naturally, we sat in rain and hail!

On Sunday, we drove to Estes Park; the rain and hail were too much for us, so we didn't spend long!

On the way back, we stopped at The Cherry Tree and bought things to take home for sweet memories.

We also stopped at Sleepy Hollow Park (a small, barely noticeable place off the side of the road).

We also brought the unsettled weather back with us.  

We only got one photo of the time we spent in Old Town, and that's of a sculpt outside one of the stores:

 Our last evening in town, we took Michelle and two of her friends to dinner at P F Chang's.  We sat on a covered patio, which looked out over a pond and sculpture park.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Looks like an interesting trip! Other than the rain and hail, but for you, that was probably interesting as well. Fabulous sculpture garden!

Beth said...

Yep! those sculptures in the garden look very African!!! Funny how the cultures do not know the country boundaries! Was there anything interesting at the Cherry Tree?

yarngoddess said...

Great photos to remember the good times. I love the sculpture - esp - "I know you have stolen my eggs"!