Saturday, November 25, 2006

Final Touches

My son Chris and his wife, Robyn, have headed back to Boston after a lovely Thanksgiving here with us in Ohio. I had a great time visiting with them, and we did some fun things like visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and of course, we ATE a lot.

Now that they are gone, and the house is still clean, I feel pretty good about spending time in my treehouse. Today I swapped out the fibers for we six participants in the CPS swap. I also finished my parts for a teapot doll swap on the FDA list, AND I finished my Inner Gypsy from Sherry Goshen's class...which I've tied to my Medicine doll work. More details later, but here are the end results:


I also did some spouts:


More details later.....


Anonymous said...

Woooohoooo! I was HOPING you had posted these on your blog! I can see them much better here! The teapot pieces are wonderful! It's going to be fun seeing these teapot dolls assembled with all the various parts everyone has made! As for your finished canvas, it really has a VOICE, Sue! I like the way you've tied it in to your other endeavor! It speaks 'spirit' language very strongly.

Duane and Nancy said...

I was looking at the pictures and when all else fails, then look at the words, lol!

I thought the spouts were elven slippers or something like that (Christmas is on the brain now after all)

Judi said...

Hey - the spouts do look like elven slippers, LOL, and they look great!!!

Linda said...

Sue, your canvas turned out gorgeous!
Linda F from FL