Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I played with Paverpol!

What a fun product this is. And to think I've been so fearful... I must have asked a million questions in the class before I took the plunge, and now I just want to dip everything I have.

I did two things here. I dipped an old, stained doily, and then tucked it into the "sash" and draped the front edge over a balled up plastic bag to give it the feeling of puffing out and hopefully looking like a swirling skirt. I'm pleased with that, and anxious to see it after I do the spray paint thing.

The other thing I did was dip a piece of used sari silk that I just adore, and draped it along the top and down the right edge, allowing it to smooodge off the edge, looking, to my eye, like a theater curtain. I was assured by Grasshoppa, and he was right, that the Paverpol would actually darken or brighten the fabric. I'm very happy with how this is looking. More layers to follow!


Anonymous said...

That stuff is FUN, isn't it? I was reluctant at first, too (when I did the candlestick angel) but fell in LOVE with Paverpol! It really made a great addition to your Gypsy piece! I love the draped sari! It adds such a charming dimension! And the doily gives exactly the effect you intended! This just keeps getting better & better! Kai

Judi said...

Your piece definitely has the 3 dimensional feel to it now. I used the Paverpol with synthetic fabric and it stiffens but not rock hard. This is looking great.

Linda said...

Sue! That is stunning! Wow- love it! All the rich color, the textures and arrangement of everything. You are right- it does look like a theater curtain. Sherry is going to love this!
Linda F from FL

Anonymous said...

wow Kai, you did a great job of it. It certainly gives your piece more dimension. What a great way of using Paverpol.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shashi - Sue did this, not me. Heehee! Wish I COULD claim credit for it! Love you! Kai aka Madame Anonymous

JudiA said...

I LOVE your figure -- so much movement and powerful energy. I can't wait to see how you finish this one off. MORE PLEASE!!