Saturday, April 14, 2007


Two things to share on the fabric front... First, I wanted to note this Laurel Burch mermaid panel:

My friend Phyllis had sent me two or three of the companion fabrics, but they weren't even in my mind when I attended the Cleveland Sewing Expo. I found a booth of fabulous fabrics (the seller called them "strong flavored" fabrics) and one of the things included was this Laurel Burch mermaid. By purchasing 5/8 yard, you receive two full panels, rather like a wide border print. So...I bought 1 1/4 yard and have a total of four of these panels. Don't ask me why, I just knew I needed it.

I've also been looking for a jacket to replace my lightweight purple wool flannel that I gave to that woman at the bus stop. I haven't found anything like it, and when you consider that I bought it at least five years ago, that's not a surprise. I decided to make my own...and bought some yardage of wool felt online.

It wasn't enough to find just the right purple, I had to get a beautiful soft green, and some rose and some peach, just to be safe. Don't ask me safe from what. I see a new, boxy, flannel throw on in my future -- maybe two! The fabrics you see here are after prewashing and drying, thus the textural appearance. And the purple, being purple, looks a little bluer here than it really is. Even with my good light cube, I couldn't get the color quite right.

Incidentally, Phyllis and I have our own private little monthly "squishie swap," in which we share with the other bits of fabrics, doo-dads and embellishments. I'm sure she'll be getting one of the mermaid panels, but I don't know when. I already have her envelope packed for this month, and none of it is related to what you see here!

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Kai said...

Whoa! The Laurel Burch panel is stunning! But it's the felt wool (or wool felt) that grabs me even more! It looks like baby blanket fabric! Is it? If so, PLEASE, tell me where you ordered it! I had made myself a blanket-stitched, VERY easy 3/4 sleeve 'sweater' once from that kind of fabric - given to me by a friend who was moving - and it was STOLEN when the apt. I lived in was burglarized! I've never known what the fabric was called, but it was lightweight, soft, and wonderful! I LOVE the colors you chose for yourself & know you will make a beautiful garment from them!