Saturday, April 14, 2007

Progress on "Starchild"

A few months back, I posted about making a doll just for myself -- Go Gently Starchild. I've just started working on her again, and have made some progress in sewing darling little silk panties, and an underskirt and overskirt of two batik prints. Note here...the underskirt batik is some that my son picked up for me when he and his wife toured a batik plant on St. Kitts. He got me a bunch of scraps -- couldn't come up with a better souvenir, in my opinion!

I've taken a step back, unfortunately, with the wigging process. The wig I had applied was just too big to lay properly. I used the pattern, but it was giving her one heck of a lumpy head, so I un-attached it last night and have to trim it down and re-attach.

The following two pix are of the fabrics I'm contemplating for the bodice and sleeves. I'm thinking I'll use the purple and white St. Kitts fabric, same as the underskirt, and then use the star fabric as an overdrape.

After those parts are done, all she needs are shoes, and some embellishments, like a decorative belt, a necklace, and perhaps some pretty trim at the wrists.


Kai said...

She's WONDERFUL! You have a real eye for putting fabrics together! I love your system of auditioning them! Please show Starchild when you finish her! She's already great, but I REALLY, REALLY want to see her completed!

MaryO said...

How very thoughtful of your son to bring you fabrics! Your Starchild is going to be very elegant in the fabrics you've chosen for her!

Nicole said...

She is beautiful!