Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New jacket

My new sewing machine has triggered a lot of sewing, especially with the unfinished dolls I have lingering about...and they are all still unfinished. It's also renewed my interest in sewing clothing and bags for myself. I have stacks and stacks of coordinating fabrics that I keep switching around, hanging from the door, and other auditioning techniques.

So...I finished this jacket, made with a piece of upholstery material, and a piece of decor fabric that is fabulous! It's ultrasuede, embroidered with holographic sequins, and in my favorite aqua color.

This first photo is what Gerry calls my "dork pose." Isn't he sweet? Note the greenness around me...it's before the big Easter snow.

This shot of the back gives you a better idea of the embroidery and sequins on the ultrasuede. Too bad you can't see how glittery the sequins really are. I wore the jacket to work the other day, and was throwing rainbows and spots of light all around the office!

I love these colors...and you can see them in the banner above. The banner was done for me by my online friend, Linda Fleming. It's me! You can see more and order one for yourself, here:


Kai said...

You tell Gerry that is NOT a 'dork' pose! That is a "See how cute I look in my beautiful new jacket?" pose! And you DO! You sew wonderfully! The colors AND style suit you perfectly, and it's just lovely!

Sue said...

Much as I love them, I'm afraid the Crocs add to the dork look. :-)I wish there were a way that you could see the pink embroidery and the sequins on the aqua portion a little better.

I do look a little odd -- I was trying to get lined up to hide the people on the lawn behind me, LOL!

JudiA said...

Oh, I recognized Linda's work the minute I opened your page today -- it is absolutely WONDERFUL!! That jacket is so special - I wish I could see it more clearly. No wait... I wish I could TOUCH it. Your description made my fingers itch to fondle all that lovely texture.


Tami said...

Great jacket and I really am digging your new banner. Gorgeous colors!

MaryO said...

I love your new banner. Linda does fabulous work, doesn't she? Your jacket is beautiful and you look pretty cute in it!

Jacque Uetz said...

Oh you look cute and those shoes are perfect round abouts! Now to the important stuff:) I am in love with the jacket, beautiful colors, love the sparkle, my kind of fabric!! I see you are a real seamstress and I'm jealous!!!

Lily White said...

Your jacket is beautiful - great colors! I think the thing about the picture is that you have your chin down, not your usual head up, shoulders back, proud look. It's still a cute picture though! :)

Your banner is great. It's so 'you'!! I'm SO happy with mine!

Big thanks to Linda!