Monday, April 23, 2007

A productive weekend!

This weekend was very productive, but very tiring. Our lot is a long and narrow corner lot, with most of the frontage sporting a landscaped focal/divider mound. (This landscape feature probably has a name, but I have no clue what it is!)

When we first looked at the house in August of 2004, the landscaping was very overgrown and weedy. Since we purchased in August of 2005, we have done a great deal of thinning, trimming and weeding. This weekend we decided it was finally time to discourage the weeds before they emerged, and to lay down a thick layer of mulch.

Gerry & I got two dump truck loads of mulch (20 yards, plus), and moved it all ourselves, with wheelbarrow, buckets, and a rake. Just to give you an idea of why this project took nearly two years, here are some before and after shots (remember, the before shots were taken nearly two years ago, and things haven't leafed out here yet this year):

Looking west, before:

Looking west, after:

Looking east, toward house, before:

Looking east, toward house, after:

Note that we also had the pond dug last fall. Before this, it was a damp (at best) low spot that was very difficult to keep mowed and clean. Now we have deer, ducks, geese, and one lone frog. It's a start! This is just the main, long portion, which is all done. The other small portion at the narrow end of the lot is partially done. We probably have to get two loads of mulch in Gerry's little red truck, and will use half a day to finish that part.

Incidentally, I now know where the term "redneck" comes from. I have the reddest, most painful sunburned neck ever. My forearms are also nicely sunburned from elbow to wrist -- I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and gloves. I had the good sense to use sunscreen on my face, though. I look pretty silly today.


Lily White said...

The change is stunning - really beautiful. It must feel good to have it all done.

Good Work!

Linda said...

Wow- you worked your butts off! It looks wonderful, Sue. And your pond sounds like it has turned into a wildlife haven- that is so wonderful!

Kai said...

A remarkable change! You & Gerry have turned it into a really charming property! If I were riding by, I'd want to slow down & look at your lovely landscaping! BEAUTIFUL!

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

Hi Sue just dropping by to tag you ha..ha.. It is all very easy the rules are in my blog have a look

love ya