Sunday, October 07, 2007

Here Fishie, Fishie!

Earlier this summer, when the grandchildren visited, we bought feeder goldfish from PetsMart and let the kids put them in the pond. We figure we put in more than 70 goldfish, and though we've only found about a dozen that didn't make it, we also feel fairly certain that we lost others. Still, we were pretty excited to see a bunch of them feeding today, and they've grown a lot!
We also have "wild" fish, brought in on the legs of the ducks that landed in the spring, and some may have washed over from the neighbor's pond. They're good sized, too.

This school looks like all the wild ones:

Another lone wild one:
A mixed group, look at the color variation:
Here's a pair of the "feeder fish" - they aren't feeders any more:
This redhead especially pleases me. He's almost identical to one we had to leave behind in NC:
Fish lips (left side of leaf)!

Incidentally, we found the now-deceased turtle at the bottom of the pond. It's so sad - I hope we get another.

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JudiA said...

I've seen the goldfish at Wal-mart... yours look much happier, and comparatively HUGE. I love your pond stories. It almost makes me resigned to not having my own. Will they live through the winter outside, or do you have to provide for them some how? So sorry about the turtle -- do you think someone might have dumped him and he couldn't survive on his own? It's sad no matter why though.