Sunday, October 07, 2007

Working on DIPs

This weekend, I decided to take a leaf from JudiA's book, and try to finish a couple of projects. I worked on, but did not finish, two dolls. First, I'm still working on the green doll, taking my time. She has lots of hand beading, as you can see around the "bra," and the hem of her skirt:
This is the doll I tested for Judi Wellnitz. I still haven't finished, but realized I really wanted to use the cheesecloth I dyed last week (inspired by a project in the first issue of Fibre and Stitch). So, I dipped it in Paverpol, and used the cheesecloth for a draped skirt on this doll:
See how it hardens? I'm holding it sideways, and the skirt is still draped:
I finally know how I want to finish this doll. I can't wait till it's dry enough to work some more.
The green doll hasn't provided her name to me yet, but the purple is going to be Lucrezia. Incidentally, the green doll's pattern is from Patti Culea's second doll book.


Linda Fleming said...

Don't you love working with cheesecloth? I just love that stuff. Both these dolls are going to be gorgeous. I look forward to seeing them finished.

Phyl said...

......oh, Sue! This lavender/blue cheesecloth skirt is wonderful !! Be sure to post her when you finish her embellishments..
(it's your fault I've got dyed cheesecloth bits and pieces hanging all around the house and porch drying and dripping weird colors!)
Heh, heh.......

Judi Wellnitz said...

I love that dyed cheesecloth thing too! You know for some reason that green doll says Shashi to me, I don't know why. Your Lucrezia is going to be amazing - I just love all those blues!

Kai said...

I just told Judi Atsma last night that you and she may take a while to finish your dolls - she was lamenting about her 'slowness' - but the results are ALWAYS so worth the time you take! Both dolls are looking really wonderful, Sue! That green one has intrigued me from the instant you first showed her!

Yvette said...

That green fabric is beautiful! It is hard to believe that the blue is cheesecloth. They are both going to be beautiful.