Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Visit Photos

Today is the last day of Gen's visit. We took advantage of a mostly sunny morning to visit the charming town of Chagrin Falls. We admired the falls, the foliage, and the quaint little town with all the wonderful shops.

Here's a view from the bridge to one section of the falls. The town does such a nice job of planting the flower baskets on the railings. Here I am on the stairway down to the water.
I don't know how these falls are really identified, but I think of them as the "lower" falls. These are steeper than the ones near the bridge (photo above).
Here's a close-up of that cabbage in the planter. See the little jewel-like dew drop?
Isn't this a charming village? Look at the clouds moving in.
Here I am in the park, next to the river.
The ducks and geese float in the water above the "upper" falls. This goose is wearing a leaf like some sort of breast plate!
So here we are, my beautiful baby and me. Tell me, how did a pygmy like me, have this tall, gorgeous, slender daughter?


Phyl said...

....pretty water falls! Cute pleated coat! Of course you know Gen's dad is TALL; and you're NOT a "pygmy", my dear....(I could be: at only 4'11" now!)It's something to do with AGE, I hear... and that tall/slender daughter still has FAST metabolism; tell her to enjoy it, 'cause it doesn't last forever!

Kai said...

Looooove the tour! Wish I could have really BEEN there! It's beautiful and Autumny! As for YOU, you are SO not a Pygmy! You are the GORGEOUS mom of a GORGEOUS daughter (gorgeous CHILDREN, actually!) PERIOD! I'm so happy you & Gen had some mom & daughter time! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your outing! I enjoyed it!

clevelandgirlie said...

This photos are really wonderful. I particularly love the one of the cabbage plant. I am from Ohio (Westlake on Lake Erie) and the other pictures really make me homesick! Thanks for sharing.