Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Oldtimer wrote me a note yesterday afternoon - inviting me to a movie date. Sweet, sweet man. We went all out - movie tickets, AND popcorn and drinks. How do young people afford dating these days, when a simple movie date with drinks costs about $30?

But I digress...we saw Mamma Mia! and we both enjoyed every single minute of it. Singing, dancing, beautiful scenery, and Meryl Streep - you can't go wrong in my book.

Ah....Meryl Streep. Is there ANYTHING that woman can't do? She did her own singing in the movie, plus a bit of wall-scaling and dancing. I was mesmerized, I was inspired...what a feel-good movie AND one in which the audience actually applauded parts!

As we walked to our vehicle, my Oldtimer, the man who does NOT believe in purchasing movies for viewing at home told me that's one we'll be buying. Gotta love a man who enjoys a musical.

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Lily White said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie! Glad you liked it. I've been waiting for someone's personal review. It's one I'll likely buy too!