Saturday, July 05, 2008

Out and about - plants

We ran errands on the Fourth. The home of James Garfield (20th US President) is near my office, and I always admire it this time of year when the clematis are blooming across the entire front porch. We decided to stop and get photos. I love this side view of the porch with the blooming clematis and the detail of the woodwork:
Here's a long side shot of the porch:
And here's a view of the entire front of the house. Note the beautiful blue sky:
Also on the grounds, this charming dogwood. I'm told it's a Japanese dogwood:
While certainly no elegant Garfield home, I'm pretty happy with how our yard and deck are shaping up. Here's a view from the yard, up to the deck. The Acer Maple is doing so well, and the hostas have filled in beautifully:
If I had my way, I would have one of every hydrangea possible. This one's just beginning to show its baby blue coloring:
Of course, our work would not be complete if we didn't have hanging pots and shepherd hooks:
I killed off all the hen-n-chicks I got last year. (I think I over-watered them.) I'm trying again with just one this year, in a pretty pot on the railing:
The Persian Shield wintered over ok, but the stems got a little sparse looking, and the purple color faded from the leaves. It's starting to shape up again now:

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Linda Fleming said...

Your home and yard are every bit as lovely as the Garfield estate. Your yard is always so gorgeous with all your lovely plants, the pond and all the flower pots on the deck.