Monday, July 21, 2008

Notes from the Weekend

My Spare Parts Round Robin doll (from the Crazy Art Dolls group) came home last week. Here's a shot of the finished doll. I need to take more detailed photos, but I thought a total shot was a good start. (I'm particularly fond of the shoes).
I was able to do a few creative things this weekend - such as this art journal prompt focused on hands - and Zentangles (start here, if you are interested). I also started on a pair of wild print pants.

We worked long and hard on Saturday, getting the pond weeded and trimmed. This required a climb into the pond, complete with muck in the shoes, in order to work on the edge. We have hundreds, maybe thousands, of fish - both goldfish and "naturals." They are curious - when we got into the water, they would bump and nuzzle our legs. At one point, Oldtimer was kneeling in the water and as he stood up and began to dance, he revealed that a fish had gotten into his shorts! The only excitement I got out of the deal was a blistered knee - hard to believe that kneeling on a thistle could do that much damage.

Flowers are gorgeous right now.
Though most of the hydrangea blooms blue, this one blossom has a hint of pink - and a few petals from the geranium above.

This is another hydrangea, called Endless Summer.

See this brugmansia blossom? Tomorrow it will have morphed to a lovely shade of pinky-peach.

Oldtimer & Cosmo love the evening hours on the deck.


Ricë said...

i love your hand drawing--so cool!

diane said...

The froggie is wonderful, and, oh yeah, the flowers are stunningly beautiful, the drawing in/of your hands is incredible, dragonfly was a perfect shot, but really the frog is my fav.


Wabbit said...

I also meant to leave a comment on this post to tell you how much I enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for taking the trouble to share your lovely garden with those of us who live in a place that is too hot for such plants to survive without intravenous water supplements!

Betty said...

I love the dragonfly photo. They are my true favorites.