Friday, April 03, 2009

The Joys of Spring

Now that Spring has poked her nose above ground, I've been trying to get some sunshine every day. As we wind down our office workday, I sit on a stool on a corner of the deck, read my book, and get some sun - trying to help with that Vitamin D deficiency.

Yesterday was such a perfect day, I felt energized and exhilerated and peaceful and happy - all at once. Every spring day seems so filled with hope and promise - Spring has always been my favorite season.

Apparently, the two geese who have taken up residence on the pond were feeling as giddy as I. As I tried to read my book, I kept hearing splashing and flapping, and finally just gave up and watched them twirl and tip and splash.

Both geese were ducking in the water, slaking the water over their backs and necks, and sometimes would dive and flap at the same time. At one point, one did a complete somersault in the water, and ended up with tummy exposed to the sky!

I finally decided to take a chance on missing part of the show and went inside for the camera. The moment I did, one goose left the water, and the show wound down. I did get these few photos, though, of some splashing and grooming - and not a small amount of showing off!


Jennifer Rose said...

very nice action shots :)

Serena said...

What fun they were having.......Great shots!

Sandy said...

I love geese, and great shot of them flapping.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Sue, I love the last one where he is spreading his wings.

joggerellablog said...

That must be the Man-Goose in the last picture! Splashing his "stuff!"

BumbleVee said...

looks like they were having a ball.... hahahha.... what fun.