Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Photos - Weekend Projects

Lots of sewing done this weekend - mostly because I have a new baby in the house.  Isn't she pretty?
Because of her, I've been a sewing fiend all weekend.  I started this pieced jacket that I've had planned for a couple years!
I'm close to finished with the Barbara Willis doll from the Think Pink Gala:
And I made a baby blanket for the new grandbaby due NEXT MONTH!
Now, Oldtimer doesn't think I should have this many sewing machines around the house.  Anyone need an older used Elna 700 or a lovingly maintained Husqvarna Platinum Quilt model?


Anonymous said...

Your new baby is just beautiful! Congrat's on the arrival and love the baby blanket fabric, also the doll body fabric (:

Jennifer Rose said...

you can never have too many sewing machines! :D :p

MaryO said...

I wish I could enjoy sewing lovely things like this, Sue. They're are quite beautiful.

Sprite said...

Hi Sue, You've been busy! They are wonderful. I love that baby blanket, congrats!

I'm still petrified of machines. I have a beautiful brand new one here I think I have only attempted to use maybe twice and it was with supervision!

When you have a moment, please come over to my blog, The Sisterhood Award awaits you!

BIG hugs,

JudiA said...

...gasp...! I shopped for a new Bernina last spring (mine visual display is going to die soon and replacing it will cost more than a new machine. Grrrrr...!) and that is my dream machine! And look at all you've done already! I can just imagine the smooth hum as you stitch along... mmmmmmmmmmmm... nice!

Serena said...

Beautiful work, Sue. I miss my Bernina sewing machine big-time! I'm green with envy!

HElen said...

You did a lot of sewing! and all of it is very, very nice. Enjoy yuor new baby!

Carla said...

Lucky you!! It's beautiful.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Wow you were really busy! Love the doll and the baby blanket looks so unique. :)