Tuesday, December 01, 2009


It's December 1, which I'm sure you've all noticed. I live near Cleveland, which is in the northern hemisphere - thus, late fall (although in this neck of the woods, it should qualify as winter - normally).

As I returned from an appointment today, I turned the corner, and glanced through the landscape berm to look at the pond. I saw something purple. I thought I saw an iris stalk. It's December. In Cleveland. That must have been some adjustment I got from the chiropractor.

Not believing my eyes, I walked to the pond, empty handed, and saw this:
Yes, that is an iris bloom stalk, amidst the bare twigs, withered quince, and a few ever-hardy thistles. See?
Yes, indeed. A purple iris bud. I had to go back to the house to get the camera.
Then, after I took the pictures, I had to go back to the house and get a scissors. I figured I should cut the bloom stalk and see if it opens in the house. Supposedly we have a storm headed this way, and it surely won't open out there (or would it?).
Fun to have in the house anyway. It looks good on the kitchen counter.
What a crazy place I live in.


Jennifer Rose said...

how odd that it started to grow this time of year. maybe in the ground later then the rest. we had flowers blooming a few weeks ago but the frost has killed them off now :(

Serena said...

Nature never ceases to amaze us! Nice pics, Sue!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Mother Nature is that way! She makes beautiful things grow in the weirdest places. Beautiful Iris.