Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I've Been Working On....

...all kinds of things!
First, the gratuitous shot of the in-progress bathroom remodel which is NOT being done by me, but rather our favorite handyman. I AM affected however, believe me.
I was so tickled by the decorative Santas in the winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly (http://stampington.com/html/adq_w10.html - last article in this highlighted page) that I made a few of my own! I have five cut out, sewn and stuffed, and now am just putting the finishing touches on them. The gray one is done, the green one might be - or he might need some more doo-dads. None of them are traditional Christmas colors, as you can see by these two.
Fun, huh? Wait till you see the other three Santas!

And I am FINALLY willing to show my progress on the class doll from the Iowa Retreat last September. I have her lower wings done (though I need to drill out the support tubes for the body and upper wings).
The Body is almost done - you can see the pins holding things together where I need to stitch and wrap and I want to do a little more to her hair. My visualization is Tattered Moth - and the more I work on her, the more I think she's tattered from making her way through an ice storm. The upper wings are almost done, too - but I have to get the supports prepped.

There are several things I'd do differently on this doll, but I'm still thrilled with her and with the class.

I've also signed up to do Kelly Kilmer's Journal Prompt a Day for December, (http://kellykilmer.blogspot.com/2009/11/prompt-day-december-2009-now-taking.html) but will be running behind (Cow's Tail!) the group as I make room to work in the Treehouse.


Linda Fleming said...

Hope the bathroom turns out just like you want it.
Those santas are darling. And your retreat doll is marvelous. Looks like it was a really intensive class- those gorgoeus wings are a project all by themselves.

Jennifer Rose said...

the santas are cute :D would look great lined up on a mantle piece :)

MaryO said...

So much to comment on! Your bathroom is getting there, I'm sure it will be wonderful when it's done.
I LOVE those Santas, your embellishing is just great.
And your retreat doll is coming along nicely, too. I love that sweet face and slender body! I can see that she's work intensive, though!

JudiA said...

Wow, what a lot of great eye candy today! I haven't started my santas yet, but hope to soon - yours are just charming. (I think the green one is asking for some gold dangly things, perhaps some chain and charms?) Your retreat piece is simply amazing. There is a lot I would do differently on mine as well, but oh! I learned so much!

BumbleVee said...

the green Santa is kind of Olde Worlde....what about some tiny sprigs of greenery with teensy berries or a little teddy and dolly or ...just a sack with a tiny toy sticking out?...r

Bear said...

oh me oh my - but you have been bizy!!
I love your Santas and they appeal very much to me- I think maybe a few more things around the green one wouldnt go astray but then thats me putting my ideas on ya hes still absolutely gorjus and finished if you say he is I would still have him living with me the other one- well now my green one needs a partner here so he would most acceptable- I just adore him he is wonderful, beautiful gorjus!
I could go on but wont- and your Tattered moth is looking fantastic and I love her wings wowee shes going to be unbelievably beautiful when shes all made - heavens shes just beautiful.
As for your bathroom I hope that t all turns out like you want it to
love n hugs bear xoxoxooxxo