Monday, December 28, 2009

Pantry/Laundry - Before and During

Disgusting floor found under the base cabinets, which were set right on the floor - no toe-kick.
Empty soffit overhead.
Took some prying, but Gerry got it. What do you suppose that grease spot is in the old wallpaper?
Peeling paint under the soffit area.
The corner where the pantry cupboard used to be.
It can't help but look better when we are done. We're painting today. New washer and dryer get delivered tomorrow.


BumbleVee said...

You go Sue! Isn't it great what a bit of elbow grease can accomplish? Maybe that grease spot was something that leaked down through the bottom of the cupboard? or... maybe some disgruntled housewife threw something...?

A new washer and dryer were the cause of us totally ripping apart a perfectly good laundry room...oh, let me see...over a year and a half ago now. And, we are just finishing things up.
Our friends moved to Portugal.. couldn't take the washer and dryer they sold us. But... they were different size... frontloaders...and also wrong door openings for what we already had... plus... they needed pedestals.
They are an off size.. called Euro size.. and each pedestal would cost over $500 !! WHAT? I told Greg he could just build them for us..for a few bucks. That's how it began. He built them alright and we continued right on from there... after we ripped things right back to bare cement walls and ceiling out too... sigh.

Today... we finally plumbed in the second sink in as many days... in the laundry room...wheeee.... I love it.

love seeing what somebody else is accomplishing....

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at vee's disgruntled housewife comment :D

tearing stuff down can be so therapeutic :) at least for me it is :)