Sunday, February 28, 2010

Part Two - Clearing Out

Cosmo spends a lot of time staring out the pet door, longing for unfettered yard access. I know the feeling.
He thinks those uncouth dogs have lost their minds, enjoying the stuff. (Well, this was taken before the last two days worth of snow.)
He tries the back door - maybe a different vantage point will be an improvement.
Nope. How 'bout you DO something about this. Don't you have a big hairdryer?
A long view of the driveway.
I'm trying to be good about this, I really am. Nothing lasts forever, right? This too shall pass, right? No sense complaining, because it doesn't change anything, RIGHT? Well, I'm working on it...

Saturday was supposed to bring an additional one to three inches of snow, starting about 5 PM. It started about 2 PM, and it appears to be about five additional inches.
Here's our mailbox after Saturday morning's clear-out:
And here's our mailbox after Gerry did this morning's clearing:
You can barely see the big sugar kettle at the side of the driveway:
But the snow has melted away from the back chimney, showing how deep it is (after settling!):
Here's the drift outside the back door to the deck. We can't get that door open at all. Now you know why Cosmo is discouraged and complaining...
...but not me! (Yeah, right...)


Shashi Nayagam said...

Sue the pictures look so pretty but I can see what a nuisance it is getting in and out of your house. That driveway looks treachrous even after clearing away. Yep it will be spring soon.

JudiA said...

Everything you said is absolutely true and this WILL pass and blah blah blah... but you have been HAMMERED this winter and at least you ought to have the fun of complaining about it. :-) I don't think I remember another year where the snow came down so unrelentingly, especially this late in the season. I hope the interior work is helping keep your mind off of the snow a little. Do we get to see some WIP pics of your challenge doll soon?

Serena said...

That's a lot of snow....I think it would drive me nuts. I like things like that on a short term basis only. Though we don't get snow here, I have enough of the rain when it's hung around for more than two days straight.

Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 you could make a huge snowman with all that snow lol

but it is insane how much snow some places have gotten

Denise in PA said...

Personally, I'm with Cosmo on this subject!