Friday, March 12, 2010

Surely You Jest!

I finished the challenge doll from Sherry Goshon's new group. This truly was a challenge - we received from Sherry one part per week - starting from the feet/legs and working up! It's tough to work in that direction - almost all of us agreed that we start with a face and develop the doll from there.

I'm calling her Surely You Jest (no other name suggests itself) because no matter what I did to build the flower-shaped hat, it turned out looking like a jester's hat to me. I didn't WANT to make a jester, but I seemed incapable of making a flower!

Here's a full length shot:
And here's her close-up:
At the meeting of Cloth Souls this last week, we each brought a small blank doll, and as much ephemera as we cared to haul along. We then had the timer set for 12 minutes, passed the dolls, and worked as much as we could on the doll. Then when the timer rang, we passed them again. Each doll went through five other hands. I brought a small mermaid blank, and you can see how she turned out in the right-hand doll, below:
Aren't the others terrific, too?


Serena said...

Great job, Sue....LOVE the colours you chose ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Jester, Sue, great job!

On the round robin doll meeting - I'm glad to see they each have distinctive personalities. On those kind of projects, it has been my sad experience that every piece looks the same because many people just add "their" element regardless of what the piece screamed to them. So at one collage group meeting, every single one of the finished "artworks" had plastic charms and origami swans stuck on. Yuk!

Your experience was much more rewarding. I wanna be in your round robins.

MaryO said...

I've already commented on your sassy miss elsewhere. She's a real cutie.
The round robin dolls are cute, too. I've had some fabulous results in round robins...and some disasters, too! LOL!

BumbleVee said...

whoa....that would be tough working from the ground up.... I always have to make my head and especially the face...first. You seem to have done a great job....

I dunno ... I'm stuck in the old way... for me...I think I'll have to stick with head first... otherwise... how can she give me any ideas as to what to do for the body and clothes...?