Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Little Updates

This mixed potted plant on the deck is doing better than any of the others. Look at the length of those sweet potato vines!
I was trying to get a photo of the butterfly, working the blooms of the butterfly bush (I love that fragrance), and ended up with silhouettes, instead.
Yes, this is really what the sky looked like near sunset one night last week.
I brushed Murphy yesterday before bathing. It looks like we could make another whole dog!
No matter how often she gets swatted, Molly won't leave the cat alone - even when he retreats to the top of the hot tub.


Jennifer Rose said...

thats a gorgeous photo of the sky :)
the cat have claws?

Serena said...

Great pics, Sue! LOVE the sky photo! I recently clipped back Cody and all the clippings filled the waste basket...coulda made a whole new dog with it too ~ lol