Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In late spring, I found that the two mini purple potatoes, in a mini-potato selection I'd purchased at the grocery store, had started to sprout. When I was putting together the deck pots, I put them in a pot of their own. This week, one potato was showing at the surface, so I decided it was time to harvest. We got a dozen little purple potatoes, plus a summer of filler for the deck pots.

Last week I was in Minnesota - my daughter Bekah had a lovely little baby girl. While I was gone, my Oldtimer didn't want to pick up our City Fresh allotment, so no photo from last week, BUT...look at the loveliness we got this week! Isn't that mini watermelon just perfect for a "single share"? And beets again! I really do have to thank Serena for her suggestion of tossing beets with other root veggies in a little olive oil and ROASTING them. That's one of our new favorite grilled dishes. Looks like I'll be able to make my Oldtimer another batch of pepper relish.


MaryO said...

I am SO impressed at your home-grown-in-a-pot potatoes! I hadn't thought of planting them in a pot when they sprout.
Love your latest array of vegetables too, they make such a beautiful photo.

BumbleVee said...

congrats to the new Mum.....

and, to you....the potato "farmer" ..such cute little spuds..!

Serena said...

Well done on your potato harvest, Sue! I'm so happy that you tried the roasted beets....my son loves them done like that ~ :)

Congratulations on the newest member of your family...a baby girl...how exciting!

JudiA said...

Catching up here... what IS is about little girls and princess stuff, LOL?? I love the colors in that KF fabric too - Olivia has good taste.
Your spirit doll is a real treasure - what a nice friend!
I have never had beets in my life (except the icky pink pickled things which I won't touch) but your veggie posts are helping me get braver. Do you roast them on the grill then, or just serve them with other things off the grill?