Monday, January 07, 2008

It Melted!

All that snow I showed you a few days know the stuff? It's gone. Zilch. Zero snow on the ground and there's still some green grass underneath. The temp outside today, here near the shores of Lake Erie, just across the border from Canada, is 60!!

This Minnesota native cannot believe this. Sometimes it would be MONTHS - from November through March, where the ground was constantly covered in snow, ice, and grimy sludge. The month of January means near zero temps, walking head down into the driving wind, with your tears freezing on your cheeks, or your eyelashes freezing together when you blink.

I'm sorry Al Gore, but...long live global warming. I know, I know, I don't mean it...but I kinda do.


Michelle said...

It is always so fun to find another blogger from Minnesota. From one Minnesotan to another - HELLO! I love your blog!! :)

Kai said...

I just came back from VERY cold Oklahoma so I finally feel as tho' I've tasted a bite of Winter! LOVELY! I wish I'd gone under happier circumstances 'cause I would have REALLY had fun. Still, while I'm sorry your snow is disappearing, I'm envious that you had snow to MELT! SIGH!