Sunday, January 27, 2008

Second Piece for Wearable Round Robin

Usually working under pressure gets me going on my projects. I think that's why I prefer working on challenge pieces or round robin projects - I need a deadline, and I know that any self-imposed deadlines are really just fake to fool me into production.

Or, I can create when I get an idea that haunts me, and nothing stops me from just going and going with it. That's pretty much what happened with the green doll, though her head and sleeves are still not attached.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I had play time AND inspiration, and plenty of time before the deadline (almost a month!) and I still was driven to do my part on the next piece of clothing for the wearable round robin.

Sherry sent in an oversized sweatshirt that she hand-dyed, and cut off the ribbing at collar, cuffs and bottom edge. Judi hand stamped some tumbling diamond shapes with Lumiere. And I decided the moment I saw it to cut it open and make it a jacket. I also knew I had this perfect piece of fabric somewhere in my stash that, in my mind's eye, was very color compatible with the shirt colors, and looked "painterly." So, this is how I spent my Saturday. Sherry's shirt before I worked on it:

And after:

The hem edge of both sleeves and the bottom of the shirt are still open, so if someone wants to work on the hand-dyed side, perhaps some stitchery or embroidery work, they can slip their hands inside and keep the two parts separate. As it stands now, the shirt is fully reversible, though I'm not sure it will stay that way - there are still five more people to do their thing with it!


Judi Wellnitz said...

Wow - that really made a change to the piece, didn't it! I'm kind of sorry I dropped out of the RR now, LOL.

joggerellablog said...

I said WoW out loud (WOL) and my eyes popped. Great job!

MaryO said...

That's an amazing transformation!
That lining fabric really makes it pop!