Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mail Call!

Today, I came home from the office early. I've been absolutely knocked out by a fierce and sudden head cold. As I puttered about the house, making myself some cold-killing garlic/thyme broth, and preparing to have my own personal pity party, I noticed a HUGE stack of mail on our front porch. Among the many treasures that arrived was my copy of Ricë Freeman-Zachary's new 'zine.

I just had to post a photo here, because Ricë took such pains to decorate the envelope - and it looks as though the stamp cancelling technique used by the post office involved a truck tire!
You might want to go HERE and see if there are more copies to order... I do love a paper 'zine I can hold in my hand (and take to my nest, while having a pity party)!


Phyl said... sorry you are "poorly" this week, dear friend! 'Tis the season of flu and colds; take care of yourself and dream of treehouse dolls!

Ricë said...

thanks for mentioning the 'zine--and yeow, it DOES look like they drove over it. again and again and again.