Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Prep

The days before guests arrive always find us cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It's not that we live in filth, mind you, it's just that I don't make washing down the shower walls or dusting the tops of the books a priority in routine maintenance. So, when guests are imminent, it all gets done, plus the normal work of capturing the dog-hair dust bunnies.

I did take some shots of the now complete (or nearly complete) living room. I'm not happy with the curtain side panels yet - I like the color but not the drape - but other than that...I think it's complete. Following are a few views...

At the dining end...everything looks more green, doesn't it? I think it's so lovely to see sunshine coming in through the front window - of course, that means all the leaves have to be off the trees out front, which isn't exactly my favorite season.

Here's the front vestibule area, with a peek at the edge of the fireplace wall. We *never* use that front door, there's another into the kitchen about 10 feet away, silly layout.

Dining and seating...but look at that window/mirror corner...
It needs something; it's the only place without art on the wall. However, another painting/print probably isn't appropriate. What does it need?

And here's a splash of color from the deck:

I still have two rooms to clean and a whole lot of food to buy and baking to do and a meeting to attend...and oh, my gosh, the day job. But I do love company, especially for Thanksgiving. I'd rather have them here for Thanksgiving than Christmas. I better get this day going.

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