Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pay It Forward - Closed! Other Stuff, Too

There are now three ready to participate in the pay-it-forward plan.

Diane,I have your snail mail address, and no you haven't already received :-) I'm delighted that you signed up.

Adria and One Creative Queen, please send me your snail mail address ( and I promise something lovely before year end.

Now...just pay it forward with something to make the coming year happy and art-filled.
Today I have been a cleaning fiend. I always turn into this dreadful, angst-filled person before company comes, even the best and easiest houseguests. I clean in places they surely won't look (and if they DO look under the stove, don't they deserve to find a little dust?). Today the guest room was re-spiffed and much spillover art was put back into hiding.

Cosmo helped me clean and put things in order. His favorite chore is pulling down all the feather boas that are artfully draped in the treehouse. He is quite certain they look better in a heap on the floor.

And once we got the guest room ready, he stood in the window and peered down the road - "Are they here yet? When will they get here, Mommy?"


Betty said...

This is what I call a kodak moment.

D said...

I just got my delicious box of soaps from your PIF posting.
Definitely worth waiting for. Love the silky feel of the bars and heavenly aromas. I'm off to try one - decision time! Satin Gown, Tomato Leaf or Tuscan Orange? Hmmm, I'll just close my eyes and grab one or I'll be late for work for sure.
Thanks so much! This was a wonderful game to play.