Friday, November 21, 2008

Morning Views

My computer desk sits against a loft railing, and I can see into part of our back yard through an octagonal window - across an open space beyond the railing. Wednesday morning, I glanced up from writing an email and wondered how our Murphy dog got into the neighbor's yard - and realized it was a deer moving into sight.

We didn't dare open the door to the deck, because we knew it would scare her off, so the photo isn't the best, but I wanted to share my lovely view. That same day, I realized that the chickadees and titmice found the feeders, and wanted to get photos of those to share, but of course they wouldn't cooperate. quality is not the best today! I think you get the feeling though.

My Oldtimer did step out on the deck after she moved along...just to see if he could get a better photo or see more deer (we've seen as many as 11 in the yard at times - as close as we are to a major city). No more deer, but he did manage to capture this lovely morning sky. No, that's not our fancy-schmancy house back there...we live in the old farmhouse that used to own the land all those houses are built on! We get to look at all this, and not maintain any of it.

I love sunrise colors, even in the winter - they're so hopeful.

By the way, here's that same view, taken just three weeks ago! We were trying to capture photos of the FLOCKS of birds on the lawn.That's a pretty dramatic change in color palette in just three weeks, isn't it?

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Rob said...

Omigosh! That's just so postcard perfect! Truly, that's such a world away from dusty West Texas that it hardly seems real!