Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Weekend's "Art"

About two weeks ago we had new Levolor blinds installed in the rooms across the front of the house. The living room and bedroom main windows are very large, and for privacy's sake, I had a large white pull-down shade in the bedroom. It became very difficult to manage, and it looked like a big blind eye from the outside. When we found the sale on the blinds and a deal on the installation at Lowe's, we went for it!

Oddly enough, I chose white blinds. I've moaned and groaned since we moved into this place that everything was white - even all of the custom draperies. White on white on white. I felt like I was living in an apartment. Even the carpet in the hallway from the garage was a shade of white. I mean, who in the world puts white carpet in the hallway from the GARAGE?

For whatever reason, many parts of this house seem to want to be a shade of brown, but the living room...oh, how it needed color. The accent wall around the fireplace is a lovely shade of blue called Bon Voyage. I love it...just a hint of green and gray, it's actually a warm blue. The remaining walls are a shade of green called Corn Husk, which is an absolutely perfect description. It doesn't show properly in these photos - it's not nearly so gray/yellow. I'll get daylight pictures tomorrow. I had another celery green color that I tested and decided against, so we put that in the front entry, as that's a very dark space. I was afraid it was going to be almost a glow-in-the-dark color, but I love it in that space, and I really like the way the chestnut wardrobe shows against it.

I love how the colors work together. The Olga Lipats triptych on the fireplace really pops now with the colors in the painting pulled out in the walls. (I still need to arrange some of the goodies on the tabletops...)
Something about the combination of some of our traditional looking wood pieces with this more contemporary color combo really tickles me. Many of our framed pieces have gold frames - almost too shiny gold frames...

...but as you can see on the left-most painting in the photo below (called "In Awe of Autumn" by Wanda Satterwhite) the green is actually picked up and reflected in the gold frame and it really works!

So, nothing from the treehouse this weekend, but I'm thrilled with how the living room came together. I wanted to share right away, but now I'm off to iron the side panels for the windows. Other "art"...two loaves of chocolate bread, two loaves of whole wheat bread, two batches of soap, and orders packed!


Shashi Nayagam said...

You have worked wonders with your living room. It is beautiful

Jacque Uetz said...

What a beautiful room..Love your color combo's wouldn't expect anything less from you :}

Fran said...

Beautiful art work; it looks lovely in your home.