Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baking Bread

As you may have noticed from my Photo A Day today, I sometimes bake bread. I love making bread, and used to make all we ate in the old days when the kids were little and money was extra tight. (I also made my own yogurt...)

My very favorite book was, and still is this one - I think I got it in 1977:

(Note the stains, bent pages, etc.)

But now, unlike the peak of my bread-making career, I have a Kitchen Aid mixer which does so much of the work...but still lets me do the final knead and shape the loaves (unlike the bread machine, which is nice, but removes some of the personal touch).

So here are a few step-by-steps, with my beloved mixer helping along...

Don't you wish you had a scratch & sniff monitor?


Serena said...

You are such a tease, Sue! YUMMY looking bread!!!

Jennifer Rose said...

I want that mixer :D not sure where I would put it, but I'd find room lol

JudiA said...

Yes Yes YES!!! I loooove home made bread and those loves are things of utter beauty. Bread baking is the one thing I can do when I am too depressed to do anything else.

needlewings said...

Oh my! Perhaps a good thing we can't scratch and sniff! It would be pretty tempting.

The Foxes Den said...

Freshly baked bread with a little bit of butter... mmmmmm I need to get a new bread machine! That bread looks very yummy!