Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Rebatch Saga

So...the rebatch worked. I got ONE bar of normal cold-process soap from the batch, and the rest was chopped, cooked, and glopped, as mentioned in yesterday's post. Now, looking at this photo, can you tell which one is regular and which is the rebatch?

Or...here's a whole batch of nicely-behaved cold-process soap, still in the mold.

One of these things is not like the others...or like it should be:
But for all my wailing and moaning, I have to say the soap may not look as good, but it is still loaded with shea butter, mango butter, pistachio oil, rice bran oil...and more. It works well, feels divine on the skin and smells just the way I wanted - scented with Eucalyptus Leaves.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue--
Love your photo on the top of your page!!

Rebatch...I should mention when I talk rebatch that I use vertical molds, so only the top 4 bars have the rough exterior...and in the cutting process that gets cut off. BUT, personally I love your soap rebatched or not I don't think would make a whit of difference!

JudiA said...

Oh how I love hand-made soap -- no commercial process can touch it. Ahhhh... I want to go take a bath now -- I can feel in my mind how nice that shea butter will feel... mmmmmmmmmmm.....

Serena said...

It just has character is all. I'll bet it smells beautiful with eucalyptus leaves in it. Great pics!

I would love to try making soap. It looks like it would be fun ~

Linda Fleming said...

I can vouch that your soaps are wonderful!

Bear said...

oh Sue
I love the look of your soap even yesterdays "flop" it will still smell and feel good wont it??
I adore Handmade soaps they have better recipes then the manufactured ones
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Kerry said...

Well regardles how they look I know your soap is wonderful as I have had the opportunity to own and use some.

Nicole said...

Those soaps sound divine! The rebatched soaps with all their lumps and bumps have character. Blessings, Nicole

Barbara said...

Oh the sweet smell of success, congrats. The second photo looks like carmel fudge.