Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Looking outward

I seem to have a need to look out and look up.  In grade school, I got scolded for gazing out the classroom windows too much.  In high school, I would come home in the afternoon and scold my mother for having all the shades drawn and curtains pulled.  She thought it made the house cozy - I couldn't stand it.

So living in Arizona suits me - there's lots of sky and lots of gazing out and up to do.  There are vistas and cloud formations and new birds to identify. Even though Gerry recognized that I needed a house with lots of windows for looking outward, he's still prone to asking me what I'm looking at.  So many times, I haven't a clue what I'm looking at - I'm just looking.

Friday night's sunset provided a fabulous, colorful vista for gazing upon.

Imagine my surprise when Saturday morning's vista showed a new element that appeared to crop up overnight in the hayfield behind our house.

And now we have this (not my choice of vista, but at least we know it's temporary):

Totally unrelated to vistas...  this is not a hummingbird:
Nor is this:

And I haven't a clue what this is... I keep hoping for a chance at a photo of the huge raven that squawked at me our first morning here, but I have a hunch this is just a pigeon.  Very visible across the park, on the neighbor's roof, though, isn't it?  I need better zoom-ability.


Anonymous said...

You could post a photo every day of the view from your wonderful windows!

We have cardinals flitting about right now. I should put out a feeder so I can get photos, but the squirrels ...


Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Hi Sue,
I was on vacation last week when I noticed you started blogging again. For some reason, (probably operator error!) I couldn't answer on my iPad. So glad to see the beautiful pictures of the beautiful place that you are now living in, you sound so happy there. Your studio is coming along nicely and I love how Barbara S's doll is coming along as well, pretty fabric. I almost took that class but decided to wait until I got home then it was gone, but may be on Joggles in the fall. Look forward to seeing more birds and other critters. Take Care.

Pam R said...

I was also scolded in grade school for daydreaming by looking out the window in class. I see that daydreaming as a gift now.

Pam R said...
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Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I'm 100% with you on the need for having lots of windows, natural light and vistas to stare out at. We're lucky that our Cheyenne rental house has a nice window in the great room (on the small side) that looks out to the trees and the pasture. Occasionally we get to see our landlord's horses out back. It's so peaceful. I'm not sure I understand how people can stand to live without lots of natural light ... the absence usually makes me a bit depressed.