Saturday, July 20, 2013

The new treehouse

It seems impossible to not call my sewing/art space a treehouse, even though it is now ground level.  This all started back in North Carolina when my sewing room was above the store - the room had glorious 12 foot ceilings with nearly floor to ceiling windows.  I looked out over the back parking lot, and there were tree branches to frame my view.

When we moved to Ohio, my workspace was only 6 1/2 feet wide, but 15 feet long.  It was at the back of the house, over the walkout basement, so it still felt as though I was up in the treetops, so the name stuck.

Not so with this house - but it's a lovely sized room with a nice view of the back yard.  Here are a couple of before shots:

And here's the "after" view, taken just a few moments ago. 

Left side, as you look outside:
Left side, toward the rear of the room:

Right side, as you look outside:
Right side, at the rear of the room:
Back wall, with open closet door:
 Full view, as you walk in the door:

 And I'm still not done unpacking!


Wendy said...

your new tree house looks amazing,
fresh and light and I love that you have space to show your dolls :)

Pam R said...

IKEA cabinets going in today and then I can join you in the unpacking. Your new "treehouse" is bright and cheery!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

That's the nice thing about moving ... another opportunity to get your studio all organized and just right. I think that you'll enjoy looking out your windows while you create.

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

love your new treehouse has personality

Bear said...

Love your new treehouse and the lovely dolls around your room, I looked at the when I blew the pics up, your dolls are beautiful , enjoying your new home and the weatheris coming through each blog entry, and each email.
Love n hugs always bear xoxoxoxo