Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Move - Part 2

Moving in required lots of analysis of what we had, what we envisioned, what we needed to acquire - and how to get things done before we settled in too much and had all our stuff in the way.  We will no doubt be making planting/landscaping adjustments for years, and have started out with putting plants in pots, and moving them around the yard.  Learning to garden in such a dramatically new climate is a bit like learning a new language.  The back yard had a pool AND a pond when we bought it (in a placement configuration that I would not have chosen, but those things are pretty hard to move), so we've had work around them.

Our little patch of green:

First use of the patio:

The pool:

Quail on the back fence, above the pond:

The first major project was making the patio connect to the pool without having to walk on gravel, and making it all look cohesive and intentional.  The crew was exceptional, true artisans, very particular about their cutting and fitting.  We're delighted.

A few before shots, with Cosmo for perspective:

And here are the first "during" shots:


Still during:

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