Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Move - Part 1

Despite the urge, I'm not going to post apologies and reasons for taking so long to get back to blogging.  I really did intend to journal the entire moving process, but will have to do a much briefer version now, and try to catch up.

We traveled at the end of March for five days and four nights, leaving Ohio in rain and snow and sleet, and arriving in Arizona to sunshine and birdsong.  We traveled in two vehicles with two dogs in one, one cat and all the supplies in the other.  We were fortunate to get ground floor rooms with back entries with every room. 

Cosmo surveys a new vista:

Much of the view for four days was like this:

Our last day time in a motel - leaving New Mexico on March 31:

The new digs.  We arrived Easter Sunday.  Gen made sure we had a nice bouquet to greet us:
Our furniture didn't arrive for another four days, but we had a mattress and boxspring on the floor of the master bedroom, a refrigerator, and cleaning supplies.  Less than a week after the furniture arrived, I flew up to Minnesota to watch my granddaughters while their parents took an anniversary trip.  That meant leaving the sunshine once again, to visit this:

I had to wear Bekah's boots and winter jacket to take the girls to the bus stop every morning.  Even for Minnesota, it was very late in the year to get snow.

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