Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At least it's not a stork...

What's out on the chimney?

Did you put that up there?

Look, it moved! It's alive!

Yes, you are seeing what I saw around dinner time this evening. Gerry glanced out the deck door and thought the chimney didn't look right. As you can see through the blinds, there was something unusual going on atop the chimney.

We opened the blinds...and that's not a statue, it is live and real.

About a week ago, this pair of Canada geese showed up on the new pond. Gerry has named them Abigail & Rufus (Rufus built our house, which is a Century home), and they have made themselves quite at home! Here they are in a more "natural" setting:


Kai said...

If you had shown only the picture of that goose on the roof, I would have been 100% conveinced it was a very unusual weather vane & NOT a living, breathing creature! Isn't it amazing, how he happened upon that exact spot? Beautiful, beautiful gift of nature, and I'm so glad you captured him on camera!

LilyWhite said...

That is hysterical!!! I love your captions!