Saturday, March 10, 2007

Herbal Soap Swap

I am hosting an Herbal Soap Swap on the Soapnuts list. I've been a member there for nearly nine years, and am honored to be among some of the finest soapers in the country. For this swap, participants sent in increments of 6, up to 24 bars of soap. I ended up with 29 participants, plus myself. It is time to redistribute the soaps and ship them out to the participants, along with a booklet with information on the creators and the recipe for the soap they contributed.

My intention was to post a photo of all the soaps that came in to me, but it was just too overwhelming a task, and I was afraid I would disrupt my distribution shuffle, so....for the curious, here's a picture of all the boxes of soap, instead.

I will post later a photo of the soaps I kept myself, but it will only be 23 soaps, so it won't represent everyone in the swap, unfortunately. This was an absolutely amazing array of soaps, and my house smells heavenly!


Judi said...

Wow - that's a huge swap! Kudos to you for hosting that. It sure sounds nice - too bad I'm not a soaper!

Kai said...

I can just imagine how absolutely HEAVENLY your house smells! I KNOW how delicious YOUR soaps & other wonderful products smell, so I can only imagine those gorgeous scents combined with everyone's swap soaps. What a JOB, tho'! You are definitely a better woman than I to tackle that mailing! Can't wait to see the soaps you kept!