Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blog not Forgotten!

I'm here, I swear it. I've been feeling extra busy, extra pressured at work, so that doesn't help the creative time, plus I've had a flurry of special orders for soaps, gift baskets, custom labeled lotions, and so on. It's nice to be busy, but it does cut into the creative time.

A few days ago, Gerry began the upgrade of my computer to Windows Vista, which hasn't helped a thing. I'm hosting a soap swap, and while I've been trying to edit the booklet that gets sent to the participants, we've also been upgrading my video card, and trying to get all kinds of settings right to make our home network operate the way it used to. I was so frustrated Friday night, I went to bed with my computer discombobulated. Considering it has become my right arm AND my left, that's saying a lot about my frustration level.

Swap soaps have been coming in at a lively clip. What in the world did we do in the bad old days, before priority flat rate boxes? Do you know what a box of 24 soaps can weigh? Oh, how I wish we had scratch and sniff computer should see and SMELL the glorious array of soaps passing through my hands.

We spent yesterday morning doing grout on the shower walls. We had lunch about 1:30, took Murphy for a medicated bath around 4:00, and never quite made it back to the bathroom. Gerry is out now, buying a new float for the grout. We more or less exhausted ourselves, and never quite made it back to finish OR clean up. Anyone who knows Gerry knows how out of character this is for him. True to form, doing a project in one small room has the ENTIRE house upset, and any housework appears to be for naught.

I like to post pix every time I post, but I don't have anything to share right now. That's a good indication of the distraction level around here, when I don't have any recent pix. Well, I do, but they are of snow, and I don't know about you, but I am SICK of snow and winter. I think the sun shines about every 17 days or so around here.

OK, enough whining! I am off to the soaproom, inspired by my glorious swappers!


Kai said...

Your post makes me want to go into the other room & smell the soaps you made! They ARE wonderful! I can't even THINK of using any other soap again! It would be yukky and inferior! Same goes for your creams and lotions! I hope this coming week finds you with lots of time to create! You deserve that!

Denise in PA said...

Hmmm, sounds like your weather is just like our weather! And I can ditto your feelings about it!

Duane and Nancy said...

I've been reading the great reviews on Soapnuts. Sounds like another great swap.

Nancy probably wishes she had a husband like Gerry. So many things on the to-do list. I thought I'd move a love seat in the grandkids bedroom/playroom/soap workspace a couple of days ago and found myself (weakly protesting) painting the room (as she batted her eyes at me).