Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shower Progress

This weekend, Gerry put the shower back together. He's been working slowly and steadily on the tiles, including sealing, highlighting, and taking great care with grout and caulk. Today he was finally able to put the shower doors back on, put the shower head, faucet and handle in place, and took a few pix. Bear in mind that this is just the shower area. We still have to paint the walls and ceiling, put the tiles on the floor, and put wainscot on the walls. It's hard to photograph with the glass doors on, but it still looks terrific.


Linda said...

I love that tile, Sue! What a gorgeous bathroom you are going to have!
Linda F from FL

Kai said...

Wow! Gerry is Superman! Great job! And it looks veeeeery nice! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

LilyWhite said...

Dahling, the tile is Simply Fab!

hee hee!

Seriously - It's beautiful! I love the depth and variety of colors! Kudos to Gerry for doing such a professional job!

JudiA said...!... what else is there to say! If that were my bathroom I'd never come out, LOL! Very veeeerrrrrryyyyy NICE!


Linda said...

looks like an expensive spa hotel....Send him to my house when he finishes....I want a shower just like that