Friday, August 10, 2007

Beautiful Sunset

We've had a crazy summer here, weather-wise. Most of June and July were terribly lacking in rain, and now, the past few days have seen abundant rain and flash floods. The night before the storms started, this is what our evening sky looked like.

I've cut out the neighbors' roofs and just fit the tree tops in with the beautifully colored sky.

We used to have beautiful sunsets when I lived outside the city in Minneapolis and my dear husband had magnificent sunsets in Phoenix. The only time we really noticed sunrise or sunset while living in NC was at the beach. And, it's rare that we see this kind of thing here, so it was a special treat to sit on the deck and enjoy these colors.


Linda Fleming said...

Beautiful sky photos! I'm a sky watcher and love when the sunsets have lots of colors in them.

Judi said...

What beautiful colors! I love sunsets like that - they never last long enough though!

Kai said...

How GORGEOUS! And how peaceful it looks! You have 'built-in art' right from your deck!

Lily White said...

Beautiful Sunsets! Your shots came out so beautiful. Love the colors. Your summer weather sounds identical to our Minneapolis weather. Hot Hot Hot and then Rain Rain Rain. How about a nice mix?!