Sunday, August 19, 2007

Charm Swap

Recently, Sherry Goshon hosted a swap on her doll list, called "Trust Me Swap." Twelve of us signed up and agreed to swap before knowing what we were going to do. Then, we were asked to make our own charms, no larger than 1" square.

Following are the charms I received, including one of my own, front and back. My base is 1" square, and is one of the largest. That tells you just how small all of these are!

(Sue's charm, front)

(Sue's charm, back)

(Kerry's charm)

(Sandy's charm)

(Shashi's charm)

(Yvette's charm)

(Bear's charm)

(Sherry - left; Cherie - right)

(Fran's charm)

(Jacque's charm - also unidentified, but I'm certain it's her work!)

(Judi's charm)


Glittering threads on the wind said...

the one with the little bear charm and beads is Yvettes little hazel. I am pretty sure the one with purple wire is Sherry's. Cool aren't they.

Kai said...

What a cool collection of charms! Very different, each of them, and some identifiable by the trademark style of the artist! Love 'em!

JudiA said...

Am I sorry now that I didn't join that swap?? Oh, yeah!! Even though I really couldn't commit to one more thing, I am sure I could have found it in me to do that. What a fantastic collection... and all SO different!

who knows it is undignified to whimper, and yet...

Linda Fleming said...

What gorgeous little charms! Such beautiful work in such small scale- amazing.

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

Purple wire with beads is from me...

Linda said...

I came to check out the them all...but love your blog even more. I have read and read and looked and looked...wonderful blog

Tami said...

Gorgeous charms! Now you'll have to find a good place to show them off. :-)

Yvette said...

I really enjoyed the swap too!

I see that Sandra already identified mine.

I loved the one I received from you!