Monday, August 27, 2007

The Grand Fountain Installation

We've been pretty pleased with the pond. I thought it looked nice, even like this, but the idea of a fountain was pretty attractive. So, fools that we are... At least this time Dear Husband didn't have me hold onto a rope around his waist. Here's the before:

Step one, during:

Step 2, during (no, he's not picking his nose, his mouth is his tool holder):

Step 3, during:

Step 4, during (wave to the crowd, honey):

Ahhhh, success!

After, same view:

Love this angle:

And this shows a little framing with some foreground greenery:

And it's lighted! Here's the night shot:

In other news, the elephant ears are healthy (see Como in the door?):

And Cosmo in the window? (This one's for you, Kai):
And a pink rose...just one. (I needed a macro shot for Judi):


Judi Wellnitz said...

The fountain is awesome - what a fun feature to add to the pond. Thanks for the macro photo, ha ha.

Kai said...

I've had to wait till NOW (8:30 P.M.) to check blogs. No sooner did I finish work for the day than we got HUGE storms. Anyway, your fountain is GORGEOUS! It DOES add tremendously to the view. I especially love the night view! Your plants are always so pretty! But need I even SAY my fave photo is that adorable Cosmo? THANK YOU FOR THAT ONE! And, ha, ha, Jude! I looked at 'your' macro rose, too! Great pictures, Sue! Tell Gerry he's AWESOME!

Lily White said...

What a beautiful feature to your pond I love it! Gerry's really quite the worker bee, isn't he?! What a catch!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a great looking fountain, makes for a lovely view. Beautiful rose and Cosmo (I love that name) is a cutie also.