Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Guests and What We Did

My son, Chris, and his lovely wife, Robyn, are our guests this weekend. We've been having a good time, with one eye on the clock at all times. A long weekend isn't very long, when your guests drive 10 hours to get to see you, and have to drive 10 hours back.
Gerry and I took Friday off work so we could have more time together. Our plan was to go to the cheese factory in Middlefield, and then some of the shops. However, we found out that the Geauga County Fair was still in full swing, just 10 miles further down the road, so we were off! It's a good thing my son is as flexible and spontaneous as his mother!
We ate fair food, and wandered the grounds. The highlight, for me, was the newer barn and exhibit with the alpacas and llamas, but we visited the swine and rabbits and horses too.

Today we made a trip to Little Italy, where we ate enough to send me in search of a public restroom not once, but twice. We brought home pepperoni bread, and little Italian cookies, and I found a charming shop where I bought some charms, and beautiful angels. I also found a gallery that had several pieces I loved. I would hate to have to choose between the metal female sculpture, the glass fountain, or the embellished silk velvet wrap.

Above: A street scene in Little Italy, Chris flirts, Robyn makes a new friend.


Linda Fleming said...

What a fun weekend with your son and daughter-in-law! I love the livestock part of fairs.

And your fountain in your previous post is beautiful. I bet traffic slows down as it approaches your home just so people can look at your gorgeous and remarkable yard.

Kai said...

What a fun way to spend a day! And I loved seeing the animals! The wee ones are so fuzzy and cute! Oh, did those benches EVER give me an idea! I need some SERIOUS play time! LOL! I'm so glad you are having a great weekend with your family!

Judi Wellnitz said...

Those benches are cool! Must have been a wonderful weekend from the looks of it!