Saturday, September 08, 2007

Britches for Olivia, and DIPS

Today I sewed two pairs of pants for Olivia, and cut out a third pair. Aren't they cute? As soon as I sew the other pair, I'll put the elastic waist in all three at once. (The pattern name is Britches & Bloomers, and I guess the girls' pants are the bloomers, but that just sounds like underwear to me!)
I just had the best time sewing, even though all these unfinished dolls sat at the edge of the work table and GLARED at me. Can't be helped - Olivia's 16 months old already, and this gramma has to make her a few things while she's still young enough to wear them and not be embarrassed! Here's a photo of the unhappy UFOs:
The green girl still doesn't have her head attached (nor do I know what I'll do for hair), the Ancient Icon is in parts and I still haven't decided between two faces, Sugar Plum Scarey, is... and the Medusa doll has been hanging out on my worktable for over a year!


Kai said...

Olivia is going to look SOOOOO adorable in those! I hope Bekah takes photos so you can show me! (You know what a sucker I am for that cutie-pie ANYWAY!) You sew beautifully, Sue! And what pattern do you use for your doll bodies? I mean specifically for Starchild & the Green doll? It's such a gorgeous shapely pattern! You have several VERY good DIPS! Will bewaiting to see them completed!

Judi Wellnitz said...

Oh, these are too cute! Do grandma's really have to make these kind of things, LOL? I could probably handle something like that. I love the trim on the cuffs. I bet she will love them.