Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ohio September Skies

We've had more beautiful sunsets and great blue-and-cloud skies the last few days. Today was chilly and breezy, but still a lot of fun at the Farmpark Harvest Festival.

And then there's this poor crazy woman, standing all by herself in the middle of an open field, eating:

PS - Happy Birthday, Sweet Jenny-woo. My baby isn't a baby any more.

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Phyl said...

.....okay, Sue, WHAT were you eating that was so good that you had to get off to yourself in order not to share it?! Heh, heh...and WHAT did you bring home from the festival?!! I know you didn't come home empty-handed! What a glorious day for it; thanks for sharing.....tell more about what the vendors had for sale? And those pink sunsets are just gorgeous!